Homemade Toast

Updated: Apr 8

It was in the year 2014 when the National Toast Day was first celebrated and it was established by Tiptree World Bread Awards along with Brook food. National Toast Day is celebrated on the last Thursday in February #Nationaltoastday

Items Needed:

  • Favorite Bucket of Bread dough baked into a loaf

  • Knife

  • Toaster

  • Toppings (bottom picture is naked). Preparations:

  1. Cut a slice of bread off of your favorite loaf made from Bucket of Bread dough mix.

  2. Set toaster to desired level of 'toastiness'.

  3. Add your favorite topping.

  4. Enjoy when done!

Did you know?

  • Toasting is when bread is browned through exposure to heat and this reaction is called the Maillard reaction. This actually makes the bread firm and also alters the taste loved by many.

  • Toasting was used as a way to preserve bread in ancient times. The idea of toast spread from Romans to Europe, Britain, and then later to America.

  • It was in the early part of the 19th century when utensils to toast the bread on open flames were first introduced. The wrought iron items made their appearance during this period.

  • Alan MacMasters invented the first electric toaster in the year 1893 in Scotland.

  • It was in 1909 when the first toaster which was a commercial hit was introduced.

  • Toasts are had either with jam or jelly or butter or margarine commonly. However, there really is no restriction on the topping you can use. From cream cheese to Vegemite, there are many toppings you can add over your toast.

  • It was in the year 1926 when Toastmaster introduced the first of the popup toasters. The toaster came with a knob for the user to fix the degree of toast on the bread.

  • The pop-up toaster and the sliced-up bread on the aisles paved way for automatic toasters with most of the houses having an automatic toaster by the 1940s.

  • Every nation has its own version of toast. In the Southern parts of Sri Lanka, the toast is had with mint tea and a curry soup. While in South Korea, the toast is often relished as a sandwich with toppings like meat slices and a variety of sauces.

  • While known as the French toast, it actually did not originate from France. There is no real reason or information on how the French toast originated and why it is called so.

  • Interestingly, French toast is made of stale bread, a way to make use of stale bread and make the best use of what is available.

If you want to share your own Bucket of Bread recipes, just drop a quick note through the contact section of this website.

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